State Fishing Records

State Fishing Records

Friday, October 21st, 2011

New York State fishing records are divided up by the species of fish.  There are numerous types of fish found throughout the waters in New York.  Here are some of the state records of the more popular game species.

Rainbow Trout

In August of 2004 a fellow named Rob Wilson caught the current Rainbow Trout record fish for New York.  His catch weighed in at 31 pounds and 3 ounces and stretched out 39 inches.  This fish beat the old record of 26 pounds that had been held by Gerald Szmania. Szmania’s record had been in place since May of 1985.

Lake Trout

Lake Erie holds the claim for the largest Lake Trout caught in New York State. Jesse Wykstra used a downrigger with a spoon lure to land a 41 lb. 8 oz. beauty in August of the year 2003.  The old record had been held by a fellow named John Mamrak who caught his trout in Lake Ontario.  Since Lake Ontario is so large and has numerous tributaries some people feel that the next record will come from this waterway.  Time will tell if the experienced anglers are right about their hunches.

Atlantic salmon

Using a Bomber Long A in April of 1997 Mike Dandino caught an Atlantic salmon that weighed 24 pounds and 15 ounces.  In the past several years many fisherman have joined in the various rearing developments to improve the number and size of Atlantic salmon in New York.  Their efforts have led to numerous anglers reporting catches of 20+ pounds.  The experienced guides and anglers feel that Oak Orchard of Lake Ontario is the best place to catch Atlantics.

Smallmouth Bass

The current record smallmouth bass in New York is was a catch recorded in June 1995 by an angler named Andrew Kartesz.  Mr. Kartesz caught the 8 pound 4 ounce brute in Lake Erie.   Over the past few years new species such as round gobies and zebra mussel have made chances in the food chain, but the smallmouths have adapted nicely to the changes.  Lake Ontario and Lake Erie are both seeing good numbers of healthy smallmouths.


The walleye caught 01/20/2009 by Thomas Reed broke the old record that had stood since 1994.  The latest record weighed in at 16 lbs. and 9 oz., breaking the previous record by only 2 ounces.  Mr. Reed caught the fish at Mystic Lake.  Several people that inspected the new record breaking walleye thought that the fish was almost 20 years of age.

Striped Bass

It is hard to imagine that anyone could catch a trophy sized striped bass in New York State considering the breed was almost completely wiped out in the 1970’s.  Pollution along with heavy fishing pressure reduced the population significantly.  Years of work and improvement revitalized the population to the point that a new record was set in May of 2000.  However, that record was recently broken in 2007 when Ian Kiraly caught a 55 pound monster at Hudson River.



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