Salmon Fishing in New York

Salmon Fishing in New York

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Among the numerous types of fish found in the state of New York, the salmon is one of the most popular.  In-state anglers as well as thousands from out of state spend time wetting a hook in hopes of getting a beautiful silver giant on their line.  Salmon fishing in New York takes place in a wide range of places such as the huge Large Ontario all the way to the smaller ponds that are located around the Adirondack Mountains.

Different Spawns for Different Types

There are several different sub-species of salmon found in New York.  Each species is slightly different in their habits for spawning, and thus have varying techniques for catching them

Atlantic – The Atlantic salmon is the big silver fish that are so often pictured leaping out of the water with flash and wonderment.  These fish are quite popular among anglers throughout America as well as Europe.  In the state of New York the Atlantic salmon spend their lives only in freshwater. 

These fish are native to New York and can be found in plenteous numbers in Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River thanks to aggressive management and stocking activities by the states fish department.  In the spring Atlantic salmon fishing in New York can be done by trolling or the traditional fly fishing approach.   In the hot days of summer downriggers are necessary to get baits down to the correct depths.  Fall fishing for Atlantic salmon requires a great deal of patience since most fish are focused on the spawn and not on eating.

Chinook – This lovely fish is often called King salmon and they are the biggest of the Pacific salmon species.  These fish are confined to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie in New York.  New York’s Environmental Conservation department took more interest in the Chinook in the late 1980’s and developed a better population for sport fishing.  The younger fish may weigh in the range of 10 to 15 pounds while more mature adults can reach the 30 pound mark.

The best way to attract Chinook is with a prey lure that will draw the fish out of deeper waters and into shallower areas.  The best time for Chinook salmon fishing in New York is in early spring and early fall as well as the late summer.  Anglers can troll for these fish in the large lake areas where the deeper waters are found or in the mouths of tributaries where the Chinook likes to stay in preparation for the spawn.

Coho – The Coho is a cousin to the Chinook but typically much smaller.  An average adult Coho will weigh around ten pounds. The fish were stocked in a few areas starting in the 1960’s.  Although the fish naturally reproduces in different New York areas, the stocking is continued in order to sustain a healthy population for anglers.

Due to their close similarities, the Coho is pursued with similar tactics as the Chinook.  The spring time is when these fish will begin to seek out prey fish in shallower waters and it is the best time for anglers to land one.  In the fall, the Coho will begin its journey to its hatching area and begin to spawn.  This spawn is normally later than the spawn for Chinooks.


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