Lake Maps of New York

Lake Maps of New York

Friday, November 4th, 2011

It really doesn’t matter what type of fish you are pursuing or even which body of water you are fishing on, there is one thing common to all of them.  Good lake maps of New York can be a critical piece of information to help located the likely spots that are holding fish.  Here is a brief guideline for reading and interpreting a map produced by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Type of Access

If you are considering fishing from the bank or wading out in to the water then access may not be a big concern for you.  However, for those people considering other ways of getting to the fish, the lake maps offer access symbols.  One symbol is a picture of a boat on a launch ramp.  Obviously, this refers to the location of a launch ramp for boaters.  Another symbol is a picture of an automobile with a boat on top of the car.  This indicates that the lake allows anglers to drop a boat in the water from the bank and it usually points out the most convenient spot for this type of boat launch.  Other symbols may be a picture of a campfire, indicating the location of a camp site.

Depth Markers

The depth markers are probably the most important feature of the lake maps.  A quick glance at any lake map will show several lines with different numbers on them.  The numbers indicate the approximate depth at that spot.  These lines can be great for identifying a submerged island or hump and also help distinguish how far points move along under the water.

Since most fish have certain patterns that they follow in different seasons, knowing the depths at various points can help anglers plan where they will focus their efforts.  Anglers can also determine where the main channels are located in rivers and tributaries in order to see where fish may hold up in ambush of prey fish.

Lake Identification and County Identification

The state of New York makes its fishing regulations readily available to all anglers through printed forms and through their website.  Certain bodies of water have very specific rules that are not enforced in other areas of the state.  For this reason it is important to look over the lake and make sure you are familiar with any of those special rules.

The lake maps also list the county where the body of water is located.  This gives anglers a general idea of where the lake is found and helps determine travel plans.  For those waters that stretch across state boundaries, anglers need to be aware of their location.  Crossing over a state line could make the angler susceptible to a slightly different set of laws as well as license requirements.  Nothing ruins a good day of fishing like getting caught unprepared by the local game warden.

Taking the time to get familiar with the lake’s prominent features, and going over any special rules that pertain to that water, will help an angler improve their odds of finding their query and enjoying the whole trip.

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