Fly Fishing in New York State

Fly Fishing in New York State

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Over the years fly fishing has been highly regarded as a relaxing, peaceful method for pursuing fish.  The small lures, various casting techniques and the common habit of wading through water to get the near the fish make up one of the purist forms of fishing.  New York state fly fishing takes place on numerous lakes and rivers and anglers have their choice of different species. 
The most common target of my fly fishing anglers is the trout.

Common Habitats

Although the different varieties of trout can be found in different streams and lakes throughout New York, they are usually found in similar areas. Trout normally occupy colder waters compared to bass or crappie.  Trout are also found in extremely clean water.  If a waterway becomes polluted the trout usually are the first fish to leave the area for a different waterway.

Typical Feeding

Like most fish trout like to feast on a number of different items.  Insects, plankton and crustaceans make up a normal diet for the youngest of the trout population.  As the fish age their tastes switch to frogs, snails, snakes, salamanders and smaller fish.  It is important to note that trout can only grow to trophy size if there is a healthy prey population available.  If all of the preys are small then the trout will be small as well.

The Art of the Fly

Compared to other types of fishing, fly fishing is easier to start.  There is no need for a boat or tons of gear.  A good reel, fly rod, some line and a handful of flies are enough to get any person started.  One trait common to successful New York fly fishing anglers is patience.  It can take some time to understand and perfect the cast.  It will also take most people a few attempts at hooking a fish before they achieve any success. 

Trout can be quite selective about flies.  This will require a little more knowledge on the part of the angler to understand the local characteristics and pick a lure based on the common insects and small mammals in the area.  Often times the trout will hone in on insects of a particular stage of development.  This development is called a hatch and from this word the common phrase “match the hatch” was born.  Anglers, who develop the ability to spot an abundance of one insect in a particular stage, and have a fly that resembles that stage, can improve their chances for catching a nice fish.

Catching a trout will also require great accuracy with casting.  The eyes of the trout are quite developed and they are able to see extremely well.  Taking the time to learn how to place a fly in just the right spot will make it easier to catch fish and also make the time more enjoyable.

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