Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Due to the abundance of water ways, New York fishing charters is big business.  Regardless of the type of fish or location there is a guide that can take you to the right spot and help you land the trophy that you have dreamed about.

Species or location

There are different ways to find reputable New York fishing charters.  You may decide to look for a guide or charter service that specializes in a particular species of fish.  Some people would like to land a large brook trout or Atlantic salmon and they seek out the guide that has the proven experience in helping clients find the right kind of fish.

Or you may simply want to fish a particular area.  Lake Ontario and Lake Erie are great fishing spots and both waters are host a wide variety of fish.  Some people would be happy catching almost anything as long as they were spending time on the waterway of their choice.

Freshwater or saltwater

People may want to focus on one of the multitudes of freshwater species available in New York state.  Trout, bass, walleye and yellow perch are just a few examples of some of the plentiful fish in New York.  Other people may opt to head out on the high sea and catch some of the marlin, tuna and mako shark that are found off the coast of New York.

Type of fishing

Besides the obvious choices of types of water and types of fish there is the choice of fishing style.  There are some purists who would prefer to go fly fishing with only a homemade fly.  Some fly anglers will go in pursuit of any fish with a store bought lure.  Then there are those people who refuse to wade in water and will only fish from a boat or a dock.  Regardless of your preferred method, you are sure to find successful New York state fishing charters that can meet your need.

Some Tips on Finding the Right Guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing different charters for you next fishing outing.

  • Does the guide have a current license to operate a fishing charter?
  • What type of feedback does the guide have on their website or with local shops?
  • How long has the guide offered their fishing charter service?
  • Does the guide have experience in catching the particular type of fish you are searching for?
  • Does the guide have experience fishing the particular waters that you are considering?

Although price will play a role in your decision, you should never hire a guide simply because they offer the lowest rate.  It is worth the extra money to make sure you have a good time and you actually locate the fish that you are pursuing.


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