Bass Fishing in New York

Bass Fishing in New York

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Out of all the fish in the world it seems more anglers pursue bass more than any other species.  People from all ages, both genders and
numerous cultures feel the attraction to landing a hefty fish.  Among the different types such as smallmouth, largemouth and stripe bass, the largemouth is pursued more than the rest.  Lots of people take to the water every year in New York State for bass fishing.

Thanks to a healthy and numerous populations of fish New York bass fishing can take place at nearly every river, lake, pond and
state park.  While places like Lake Ontario and its numerous tributaries remain prime destinations for travelers and in-state anglers, there are countless other places for people to wet a hook.  Lake Placid, Otsego Lake, Seneca Lake and the Allegheny Reservoir are just a few examples.

Bass Records and Characteristics

The current record for the biggest largemouth bass caught in the state of New York came from Buckhorn Lake.  The fish weighed in at just over 11 lbs. and was caught in September of 1987.

Bass have gained a reputation for being quite aggressive in their pursuit of prey.  Their agility and speed allows them to chase down most any of the smaller baitfish, worms and insects that make up the majority of their diet.  For this reason most NY bass fishing anglers have experienced the best luck during
prime feeding times, usually around early morning or early evening.  Besides being aggressive towards prey bass are quite territorial and may strike at any foreign object just to assert their dominance.

Tips for Bass Fishing New York

Here are some tips for catching quality bass during various seasons:

Fall – In the fall of the year the most productive lures are spoons, crankbaits and spinnerbaits.  During the prime feeding times of early morning and early evenings it is best to search out bass in shallow water.  During the middle of the day the fish will be found in much deeper water holding close to
structure such as humps, drop offs and mounds.  In the deeper water jigs and spoons are more effective.

Winter – During the cold months bass are lethargic and do not strike as easily.  For this reason, slow moving baits such as plastic worms, pork baits and jigs work the best.  Start with shallow spots early on in the day and continue to move to deeper water as the day heats up.  It is not uncommon to find fish holding on structure as far down as 40 feet during this time of the year.

Spring – Without a doubt this is the prime season for catching not only largemouth bass in high numbers but also high quality fish.  In the spring the bass are moving into warm water and looking for spawning areas.  The fish are aggressive and will strike quicker moving bait such as a spinnerbait, buzzbait or a crankbait.  Shallow water will usually produce better strikes than most any other area. 

Summer – In the summer the fish are still active but they will hit a wider range of lures.  Plastic worms, jigs and spinnerbaits can all produce during this season.  When the sun is high and temperatures are warm the fish will move away from the shallow water in order to cool off.


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